How To Climb Kenya's Highest Mountain


Mount Kenya is a well  known Volcano which is at a short distance to the equator.This is the highest mountain in kenya which also has a national park.  The highest peak of kenya is known as badian which is 5199 metres or 17057 ft.  but if you are a technical climber,  this peak is impossible to reach because it is located on top of pitches, gulleys and chimneys.  The highest peak that  is reachable is Lenana  where it has a height of 4985 metres and this point is located independent  among but the Batian and Nelon  twin peaks.  Point Lenana is actually very challenging and the views are worth it as  it stretches over the african plains,  the Aberdares and Kilimanjaro.


 Mount Kenya have minimal glaciers  and because of its high altitude it is cold all year in which features can drop as low as negative 10 celsius.  But if you want a sunny and dry Environmental hiking early mornings are the best as clouds usually form around noon.  It is highly suggested to Have mount kenya hiking  around january and february as well as July to September because these are the seasons that often rain the least.  avoid rainy season such as  March, June, October and December as it is very difficult to hike Mount Kenya at those times. Learn about Mt Kenya climb and safari here!


 The routes for trekking  would take 3 days minimum and 7 days maximum to finish.  If it is your first time or if you're not that of an expert then it is highly recommended to join an organised trek.  You can also inform the mountain club of Kenya as this is very important.  Know the Chogoria route here!


The Chogoria Route Mount Kenya  will take around 7 days for it to complete.  It is well liked because of the scenes that it offers that's why it is the well-known route up The kenya's highest mountain.  going down the mountain through this route is still  jaw dropping because of the waterfalls,  gullies and tarns.


Another popular route mostly chosen by trekkers is the Sirimon route to Chogoria route. This is the classic way for you to reach the peak of mount kenya.  you will start at the Sirimon  it and then you will climb up to work point Lenana.  the ascent will go down to Chogoria route  and then to the gate.Trekking Mount Kenya   offers a lot of adventures As you will discover various wildlife especially The safaris in Kenya. For more information, you may also check

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